Ginger achieve 46k saving for property client

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Even in these trying times the Ginger Energy team are working tirelessly to make savings for our clients. Recently Chris Felgate achieved an incredible £46k saving for one of them.

Having provided a number of meter reads (before appointing Ginger to manage their invoice validation) for a newly installed meter in a shared building our client faced a scary bill when they discovered the reads had gone unused. The supplier had estimated a far lower consumption for the meter. The bill, when the reads were actually taken into account, stood at an eye-watering £73k. The Ginger team stepped in to support our client, working with the supplier to arrange a settlement figure of £27k which reflected the fact the supplier themselves had chosen to ignore the reads provided by our client.

We also helped the client apportion the bill amongst the liable parties in the shared building.

We’re always thrilled when our industry experience, contacts and negotiations wield great results like this for our clients and we love what we do.

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