We’re your specialist energy consultancy.

At Ginger Energy we’re focused on helping businesses and not for profits to enable them to better understand, control and, where appropriate, challenge their energy costs. As a team we have a wealth of experience in all elements of the industry.

About Ginger Energy

Ginger Energy is a specialist energy consultancy with extensive knowledge in the energy supply industry. Our focus is on billing and procurement. The wealth of energy knowledge and expertise in our team makes Ginger Energy ideally placed to provide the highest level of service to our clients no matter what the undertaking. At Ginger Energy, we pride ourselves on our ability to work flexibly. We know that no two business are the same and adapt readily to the unique demands of our every business we work with. Utilities often represents a very significant spend for businesses and organisations, and with increasing upward pressure on energy costs, never has it been more important for every available measure to be taken to ensure accuracy and value for money. It is a well-established fact that the complexity in energy billing, involving many independent parties, multiple data components and data exchanges, as well as the added complexity of estimated reads, correction factors and the ever-changing changing regulatory environment, means that it is thought that overcharges to consumers since de-regulation may amount to over 3 billion pounds. Our proposition is simple – we ensure that our clients have been and continue to be billed correctly and we identify the best value energy options for ongoing supply. Our core services are success-based, self-funded and risk-free for the client. Our approach is to be fully open and transparent in all our dealings with our clients. We’re a member of the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM), allowing us to be up-to-date on current industry issues and provide the best service. Our offices are based in leafy Edgbaston Birmingham. This means that we’re centrally located, making customer conferences convenient, as well as being in the immediate locality of the majority of energy suppliers in the UK.