Ginger Energy testimonials

Working with such a wide range of clients of all sizes and from many industries it’s so rewarding for us to see that the contracts and measures we help organisations put in place really can make a difference to the clients we work with. And we’re pleased to say that so many of them are happy to share their experiences working with us.

YMCA - testimonials

“On the day of the power supply change, 1 Extra energy informed us that they were unable to supply and fit the new meter, this resulted in my site having no electricity, with a nursery and our disability club on site.

The Building site manager tried to contact me, but also contacted Andy Poxon from Ginger Energy whom I had already introduced to each other. The site manager organised diesel generators, whilst Andy organised change of electric supplier and supply and fitting of a new half hourly meter. This required contracts to be signed and energy rates agreed in my absence.

I am pleased to say that Andy and his team was able to sort everything and oversee the installation of the meter and best of all got me a cheaper rate of Electricity.

So a big thank you to Andy and the Ginger Energy team for all their hard-work and dedication in my absence.”

Clive Yates , Chief Executive, YMCA

“Chris reacted very quickly and provided very competitive rates which were a huge saving on what had been paid in the past few years. He also offered to review past payments to see if the Club are eligible for a rebate, with which they are delighted.
I have been told by the Club representative that they were extremely impressed by Chris’s professionalism and eagerness to help them save money.
I would not hesitate in recommending Chris and Ginger Energy to any of my contacts, especially as it would not cost them a penny to get their energy bills reviewed.”

Sarah Whitticase, Aim Internet

“From the first phone call I felt at ease with the friendly way they spoke to you, they made it very clear what they were doing and how long it would take.
I supplied them with our last energy bill which they analysed and came back to me within a few days. I was very impressed with the way they kept in touch, not leaving you for days on end not knowing what was going on.
Finally, they came back to us with news that we were entitled to just over £7,000 refund. This was such great news especially as I was convinced that we would not be entitled to anything.
I would recommend Ginger Energy to see what they can do for you. The great part about this business deal is if they don’t manage to get you a refund, nothing’s lost as you have nothing to pay.”

Shirley Kelly, ASB Law

Global - Testimonial

“I am frequently approached by companies purposing to be able to save us money from our existing contracts. From experience, one has to be really careful in selecting the right one to deal with. Ginger Energy, proved to be exactly what we were looking for. A company that actually carried-out a professional manner in everything that was in the sales literature, a rare feat!

We were delighted, that after just 24 hours, a call from Chris confirmed that he had approached our existing supplier and manged to obtain a really substantial rebate for our company. His knowledge of the industry really came into play. The refreshingly upbeat and honest approach that Lisa and Chris adopt makes dealing with them a pleasure.

Rarely do we provide testimonials such as this but in the case of our experience with Ginger Energy it was the very least we could do, we have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Gary Merchant, Global

Advanced Printware - Testimonials

“The process has been very simple causing a minimum of disruption and following your analysis and discussions with energy suppliers, my company has received a considerable refund from our energy bills due to overcharging. Consequently, I have now used Ginger Energy to source and negotiate the best deals for our gas and electric supplies.
It amazed me how much we had been overcharged and as a result of your efforts, I will not hesitate to recommend your services.”

Gary Smith, Advance Printwear

Ace Binding Company - Testimonial

“Ginger Energy have taken away my problems of fuel bills, and the complications that come with them.
I no longer have the persistent cold callers bothering me day after day, and most importantly you have saved my company money, and will continue to do so for many years to come.”

Rob Hart, ACE Binding Company Ltd

Approved Shop Fitters - Testimonial

“We used Lisa from Ginger Energy for the electric and gas for a big pub refurbishment that we did recently. We got the best possible rates for the best possible value for money. Thank you for providing our client with a professional and quality service. The team at Ginger energy clearly have a wealth of experience in all elements of the energy industry. Their expertise in the field allows them to provide the highest level of service. I will continue to fully recommend Ginger Energy who for sure help to control where appropriate and challenge energy costs.”

Spencer Turner, Approved Shopfitting & Interiors

Clere's Ltd - Testimonial

“The procedure was simple, I only had to provide a copy of one energy bill and sign a letter of authorisation, and Ginger Energy did the rest.
I particularity like that this service is free of charge if no payments are found.
The quality of service and expertise provided by Lisa and her team was excellent, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ginger Energy in the future.”

S J Clere, Clere's Limited

Prontaprint | Testimonials

“The renewal was carried out seamlessly with minimum effort on my part, which meant I could concentrate on running my business.
Ginger Energy, made sure and secured the best rates in the market for me so that I didn’t have to do all the searching independently.
I will recommend Ginger Energy to all my business contacts and you have already been added as approved supplier to the Prontaprint Network.”

Jay Khuttan, Director, Prontaprint

Waterloo care - Testimonial

“They worked diligently and tirelessly in sorting through the documentation we sent them and coming up with an outcome which is more than we could have hoped for.
I am so grateful that they were recommended to us and I have no hesitation on endorsing them to anyone who has a business or Care Homes as we do.
We will continue to ask for their assistance every time a contract needs renegotiating.
They have certainly added value to our business.”

Debbie Crooks, Director, Waterloo Care

Southall Harries - Testimonials

“Whilst we are an Insurance office and not necessarily the biggest users of gas and electricity, Andy has still managed to secure a saving on our unit rates by 17%, which will equate to a saving of £600 annually.
It goes without saying that based on this, we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Andy and his team to other businesses and users accordingly, I have asked Andy to visit clients of mine to see how he can help them.”

Stuart Brain , Senior Account Executive, Southall Harries Commercial Insurance

BOSS - Testimonials

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Ginger Energy for helping guide BOSS and our clients (UrbanWorkSpace and Tiuge-Bagai) through the sometimes very unclear and muddy waters of the energy market.
Your information was critical in the decisions we made, and BOSS will be using Ginger Energy for years to come; we highly recommend other businesses speak to Ginger Energy about their energy usage and costing.
The services of Ginger Energy have been second-to-none and I wanted to thank you for all your assistance.”

Richard Preston, BOSS Bespoke Office Space Solutions

Colmore Tang - Testimonial

“Within two months of engaging Ginger Energy, Lisa identified a billing error on one of the buildings CTC were renovating. She contacted the supplier Gazprom, disputed their billing and was able to secure a refund of over £40k to ourselves. She also secured a further refund of £47k for the Developer for their period of liability.
We have since contracted Ginger Energy to work as our exclusive energy partner and rely on them to support our gas and power needs for procurement through to metering services.
Having now worked with them for more than two years, we are delighted with the service they provide and have found them to be experts in their industry.”

Harj Mattu, ColmoreTang Construction

Individual - Testimonials

“We were recommended to contact Ginger Energy as we were in dispute with our previous energy suppliers. We tried to resolve the issues on numerous occasions directly without success, Ginger Energy who within 2 weeks got resolution. They explained what had happened and what needed to happen to rectify the issues clearly. Within a month, the issue was concluded and thanks to Ginger we have made considerable saving to our business. Ginger are clearly industry experts, who are in addition real people with a desire to assist. Above all I am confident they have always worked in our best interests and I trust them to broker all my future energy contracts. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any business who consumers significant energy as they have saved my business both time and money.”

Amer Mirza, Individual Specialist Cars

Furmanac - Testimonial

“Having previously worked with the team at Ginger Energy, I contacted them to provide a Revenue Recovery Audit on my new employer Furmanac’s business.
They identified that certain elements were ambiguous and agreed to investigate in further detail. They provided this service on a no win no fee basis so Furmanac had nothing to lose. I was delighted when they secured Furmanac a refund of £150k!
Given I used to work with the team I can assure anyone thinking of engaging with them to do it without hesitation. They know the energy supply industry inside and out, will spend hours challenging suppliers to get the best outcome for their clients.”

Deano Holder MCICM, Furmanac
Glendenning - Testimonial

“I was recommended to contact Ginger Energy by a regulatory solicitor as we had an on-going dispute with our Landlord over the cost of power supplied to us for using their private network. I was instantly impressed by Ginger’s level of knowledge but also their honesty. They had detailed knowledge of the licence suppliers rules and obligations but were completely upfront about their minimal experience with private Network Suppliers. The team at Ginger Energy spent considerable time understanding the issues, attending meetings, reviewing regulations and assessing the scope for successful resolution. Ginger then agreed to provide a chargeable service and entered into a commercial arrangements with ourselves acting on behalf to resolve the dispute with our landlord.

After a detailed investigation, including consulting with the regulator OFGEM, Chris from Ginger exposed issues with the Landlords’s charging methodology. Additionally, having analysed each element of the Landlords “costs”, he identified some of these as being arbitrary. After numerous and lengthy communications and arguments on the subject, the Landlord eventually conceded.

The help of Chris and the team at Ginger Energy has been invaluable to our business and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services. In all aspects, Ginger’s work has been outstanding, and I have no doubt that they have saved us a fortune in solicitors fees.”

Miles Glendenning, Glendenning Plastics Limited


Within a month of engaging with Ginger Energy, they have already resolved an outstanding dispute with a Supplier, which had been escalated to our legal department.
The teams pragmatic approach, industry knowledge and contacts secured prompt resolution, which resulted in a credit to us of over £50k.

Darren Keogh | Indirect Procurement Manager, Mears Group PLC

Hollywood golf course | Testimonial

“Ginger Energy started to look after our energy bills around 18 months ago, during that time they have sourced new contracts for both the electricity and gas with extremely high projections of savings on both. In the last year alone they helped us to save £10k on the previous year’s bills. With Ginger looking after everything for me it took the time and hassle out of trying to fight my way through understanding the makeup of utility bills to source the best prices. I would happily recommend Ginger Energy to anyone.”

Debbie O'Reilly, Hollywood Golf Club

John Russell | Testimonial

“Within a week Lisa had secured a rebate of nearly £17,000.
My client still cannot believe it and is still over the moon. As a result of this not only will I continue to recommend Lisa to any of my clients I think she can help, my friend also wants to shout about Ginger Energy to anyone that will listen.”

Bryan Whitfield, John Russell Insurance

mcg - Testimonials

“It was with great ease that you helped my nephew out when he was getting absolutely nowhere with his energy supplier as a result of a previous tenant in his commercial premises not paying his bill in full. His energy supplier would not budge but as soon as you got on the case it was all resolved swiftly. In addition, instead of Ryan having to pay the energy supplier for something unrelated to him, you are also confident that you can get some form of financial compensation from the energy supplier which is a fantastic result.”

Gez McGuire, MCG Digital Media

Redditch golf club - Testimonial

“For the past six months we have been using Ginger Energy to not only investigate our past energy usage and billing, but also to source our ongoing supply. I have been really pleased by the service given by the company, especially Andy Poxon, who is always available, helpful and patient when explaining the complexities of energy supply. I look forward to continuing association with the company and to saving progressively more on all our energy costs.”

Sue McDevitt, RGC

Reeds carpets - Testimonial

“They really do know their industry and I would trust them to take care of my energy procurement and invoice checking going forward. I even sent them a case of champagne as I was so pleased with their service!
Please do give them a try it costs nothing and you could be a substantially better off them taking care of your energy issue.”

Mark Reed, Reeds Carpet

Teal - Testimonial

“Teal Patents Limited has used Ginger Energy for over a year and this has resulted in considerable savings. We have found the team to be extremely knowledgeable and they have always acted in our best interests. They have saved us both time and money on our energy matters and we would wholly recommend them. It is always a pleasure to speak with any one of their staff.”

Manty Stanley, Teal

Ubitec - Testimonial

“As commercial electrical contractors, we often get asked about energy efficiency. We always recommend our partners Ginger Energy, who have provided an excellent service to our clients.
They work with our clients and provide clear concise advice with regard to all energy matters.
More importantly, they have resolved disputes between our clients and the energy suppliers who seem to all too often to not listen to reason and provide a robotic response without seemingly understanding the issues that have caused our clients to dispute their energy bills in the first place.
It’s great to work with a one stop shop of energy professionals.”


York Laurent-Testimonials

“York Laurent have worked with Ginger Energy for 12 months. From the outset, Lisa and Chris took responsibility for our West Midlands sites and have done a marvellous job.
Within weeks they’ve secured a refund of over £13,000. The team at Ginger have given me back hours of time I spent dealing with suppliers, leaving me to get on with my own responsibilities.
Energy is time consuming and the suppliers make it unnecessarily complicated. It’s greater that I can hand this off to experts in this field at no direct cost who always have our best interests as their priority.”

David Rochelle, York Laurent

Momentum Training

“I wanted to say thank you for the excellent job you did for my husband and the company he’s sharing his new site with. Your knowledge of the energy industry and expertise will save them in excess of £250 per year and at no cost to them! I think having been on the inside of the industry gives you a unique perspective and I will be recommending you without hesitation. Many thanks for your advice and we look forward to using your services in the new business.”

Mo Bury, Momentum Training and Development Ltd

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