Tenant Billing

Tenant Billing

Energy billing agents for heat networks, gas, electricity and water communal supplies

Tenant Billing

Ginger Energy offers comprehensive leaseholder and sub tenant billing for electricity, gas, water and heat networks;As well as full bureau services for landlords and managing agents of multi-tenanted buildings who need to re-charge utility services to their commercial or domestic residents.Re-selling utility services in multi-tenanted buildings, whether commercial or domestic, can be a huge distraction for landlords and block managing agents – and a huge problem when it is not properly and compliantly administered.From obtaining meter reading data, creating billing, and providing the customer services interface through to debt collection services, Ginger Energy provide a complete outsource solution for block managers and developers alike.We can adopt existing infrastructure and take over responsibility as billing agents or can start afresh on new developments.Ginger Energy has heavily invested in a billing platform to underpin a flexible and robust bureau service for such re-charging activity.Allied to the expert knowledge that we have gained in utility industry billing and data interpretation, we are able to provide a comprehensive solution to landlords and others who need to undertake utility re-selling.We’re able to handle billing for any metered or per-property charges and we have portal for consumers, clients and letting agents to help them manage their accounts.

Our services encompass:

  • Data collection and preparation
  • Tariff calculation
  • Invoice production & dispatch
  • Payment handling
  • Customer service help desk
  • Customer & client portal
  • Delinquent account recoveries
  • Regulation audit

Utility bill management for landlords

Our expert knowledge of the unique challenges in utility data and billing enable us to handle the many complex scenarios that are encountered in multi-tenanted sites.

We can bill any metered service, or any other charge that is based on a per property allocation. The platform is fully compliant with regulatory requirements and best practice (e.g. Ofgem, Ofwat, BEIS.) and correctly applies HMRC tax regulations (VAT, CCL, etc.).

Ginger Energy is already successfully providing bureau re-charge services to clients with widely differing requirements.

And these services can be complemented by Ginger’s procurement and audit services for the primary supply to the buildings.

What is an energy billing service?

Our complete outsource solutions include:

– Meter Reading Data Collection

– Tariff setting

– Invoice production & Delivery

– Debt Collection

Additionally, tenants have access to a customer services support team and a customer portal to view invoices or make payments.

In a building with a communal energy supply, it is no longer the traditional energy suppliers who provide the energy into the apartments. Instead, the building owners become the suppliers and their official title of heat network operators.

Often the heat network operators outsource this responsibility of billing and customer services to a specialist billing agent like Ginger Energy

What is a tenant recharge?

Tenant recharges or tenant reclaims are invoices or bills which are passed to a tenant to pay. Many new residential block operate a communal energy supply. This supply provides heating and sometimes cooling to the residents in the block.

It means they not longer pay licenced suppliers such as npower, SSE or Octopus for their gas supply. Instead, they pay blocks owner or manager.

The building owner or block manager will produce invoices for each residents share of the supply.

Sometimes a billing agent will be appointed to take on the responsibility of billing and customer services and debt collection.