Our History

Having represented the energy supply industry and therefore engaged with many energy consultants, it was apparent the market was saturated with brokers who had varying levels of expertise and whose offerings focused specifically on procurement. Established in 2013, Ginger Energy offers a full consultancy service to our clients, focused on becoming the go-to team for all matters regarding gas, electricity, water and heat network management.

Disputes Resolution

While procurement remains an important part of our service, we recognise there are many more services that client’s require to assist them such as efficiency, compliance, invoice validation, tenant billing and all to often dispute management. Our differentiation is founded upon our expert knowledge in the complex area of energy industry data which is the basis of all billing, and we use this raw data to determine if Clients’ have been billed correctly. Our team have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to deploy on behalf of Clients, and the commitment and enthusiasm to make a real difference. Ginger Energy quickly established stand out results for clients and a reputation for rapidly delivering highly cost effective, flexible and focused solutions to address their specific requirements. Ginger Energy recognise that no two clients are the same and adapt readily to the unique demands of each business we work with. This has been the key to success. Starting with 4 friendly clients who placed their trust in Ginger, the portfolio has since organically grown and the team now manage almost 10,000 supply points on behalf of an array of Clients.From the outset we were determined to provide a fully supported offering, with transparency and openness being at the heart everything we do.