Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency to drive cost savings and work towards a more sustainable future

Energy Efficiency

At Ginger Energy we know that businesses of all sizes can find it challenging to understand energy usage and control energy consumption.Being smarter about how energy is used can reduce consumption, lower costs and improve energy efficiency.The drive to achieve environmental sustainability is changing how we all behave. It is also influencing shifts in both government policy and therefore our business’ priorities. Our energy efficiency projects are tailored to your business and our role is to help you understand your energy use and make practical changes to reduce the amount of energy you use.Many of our clients tell us that achieving net-zero carbon is increasingly key to their long-term success.Our energy consumption dashboards, focus on using data to turn your energy costs into an energy asset.We’re experienced in turning the insight gathered from the dashboards, into practical recommendations that businesses can implement then help clients make changes, so small improvements make a big difference.Our software and services allows us to use your data to deliver on everything from streamlined energy carbon reporting (S.E.C.R) compliance to CAPEX.

We will:

  • Monitor (usage)
  • Analyse (usage)
  • Understand (usage)
  • Reduce (usage)

Require a Display Energy Certificate?

Most public sector buildings over 250m2 require a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and Recommendations Report, with buildings over 1,000m2 requiring the DEC to be renewed every 12 months.

DECs must be produced by a suitably accredited DEC Assessor using approved software. The Recommendations Report is a largely generic report generated by the software. It must be renewed every 7 years and provides basic advice on how the DEC rating can be improved.

We are pleased to confirm that Ginger Energy can support our clients with the delivery of accurate DECs and Recommendations Reports, using our experienced and fully accredited partner.

To maximise value for money, we are pleased to offer three options:

  • Individual DECs
  • A 3 year managed DECs Service
  • A 5 year managed DEC Service

The longer the service you choose, the less the DECs will cost you, plus signing up to a multi-year service will enable us to manage your DEC renewals more effectively. This will ensure that your DECs are renewed as and when required to maintain continuous legal compliance.

Added Value

Some organisations view DECs as a ‘tick box’ exercise; a necessity to ensure legal compliance. However, although DECs provide a relatively crude indication of efficiency, they do provide a valuable insight into how efficiently a building is being operated compared to similar buildings. They can also reflect other factors such as poor thermal insulation, antiquated heating systems, faulty controls systems, and inefficient lighting.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the delivery of DECs advice and implementation strategies, our partners energy engineers can utilise the data used to produce each DEC, to compare ratings against national benchmarks, and identify potential energy, carbon, and cost savings opportunities. This added value support could be invaluable in helping you to drive down energy consumption and costs, whilst also improving the DEC ratings of your buildings, through simple energy management measurers, and broader technical opportunities.

If your business needs a DEC completing, get in touch using the form below today.