Your energy compliance is our priority

Energy compliance affects businesses of all sizes. From our everyday work ensuing your VAT and Climate change levy are applied correctly to you bills through to our adherence to OJEU procurement process when working with public sector organisations, managing compliance is top billing at Ginger Energy.

With many decades of experience within our team we’re well versed on all matters of energy compliance, and the potential impacts of not meeting obligations. With our expertise we can navigate your organisation through legislation ensuring you are not left exposed.

Different uses of energy within your organisation may qualify for different rates of VAT. For example under certain uses you can qualify for a reduced rate e.g. domestic charitable or educational uses.

We identify the appropriate rate and ensure this is applied to bills past and future

CCL is a government levy which covers climate change agreements. Some organisations, like charities and glass treatment companies, are exempt from this. We’ll check if you should be paying CCL and ensure your bills are applying any charges correctly.

MID metering is an important directive which ensures the meters used to record energy consumption are accurate. If you resell the energy this may affect you. We’ll check you’re compliant, help you manage any rebilling and manage any changes you need to make to stay compliant.

Organisations spending public funds are all covered by this legislation. At Ginger Energy we’re experienced in following OJEU procedures. If you work with us on procurement you can be assured of compliance through this process.

If you’re a property management company or landlord of domestic site who recharges energy to tenants and leaseholders you can only do so if you adhere to these guidelines. We have a purpose built system to help you mange recharging. For more info see Tenant Billing

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is legislation that requires all affected businesses to measure their total energy consumption and conduct energy audits to identify energy savings opportunities.

At Ginger Energy we’re on hand to support you with every aspect of ESOS, showing you how to  make it an opportunity to identify savings as well as comply with legislation

This is a mandatory Ofgem legislation which applies to certain types of meter and may mean your supplier has to apply a different pricing structure for your charges.  We’ll make sure you have the best deal and are being charged correctly.

We’ll work with you to define and deliver the reporting you need to manage your business stakeholders and financial decision makers.

  • Bespoke reporting
  • Industry and market insight
  • Legislative changes (both those in review and those live)

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