Account Management

Account management that cares for your business energy and water needs now and in the future.


With so many pressing priorities in modern business we understand how crucial it is for all size of organisation to be able to focus on their business priorities.When you work with Ginger Energy our account management will handle every element of your energy and water needs; from the original procurement through to identifying and delivery efficiencies, checking and challenging your utility bill and even handling onward tenant billing and debt recovery.We believe that outsourcing these responsibilities is a cost-effective solution which enables businesses to focus on caring for their customers, developing their products and services, so to avoid the distractions and the burden of energy management.Our service is tailored to you and the specific needs of your organisation as we offer a range of services to our procurement clients, who pick and choose accordingly.

Our Energy Account Management Services

  • Invoice validation
  • Asset management
  • Changes of tenancy
  • Tenant billing
  • Dispute management
  • Supplier liaison

We will take over ongoing invoice validation for all your supply points, to ensure all billing is correct. We can often optimise energy costs by migrating all sites / meters to a single supplier so that your business benefits from the most favourable discounts and the best tariffs available. Additionally, we will manage your energy estate for areas such as site additions and disposals and changes of tenancy. We will ensure the incumbent demand meets current requirements or make the necessary adjustments accordingly.