Business Energy

Procurement Solutions

Business water, gas and electricity procurement expertise.

Procurement Solutions

At Ginger Energy, we know energy procurement (and now water procurement too) are important for all organisations in order to keep on top of rising business energy and water costs.

In the current economic climate, with ever increasing upward pressure on costs, it has never been more important to ensure not only accurate billing but also good value for money through water and energy procurement. Our utilities procurement experts can help you get the best value contract for your electricity, gas and water.

We’ll ensure that you’re able to get the best energy and water products to suit the needs of your organisation and make the most of what can be an ever changing market.

Using our extensive knowledge of the energy market we ensure that you’re able to plan by designing energy and water strategies tailored to meet your business needs, providing pricing competitiveness for the long term.

Why choose Ginger Energy for procurement?

  • Industry knowledge gets you the best fit, best value contract
  • Disclosed commissions
  • Impartial advice
  • Range of options available e.g. risk free contracts, base load power purchasing, hedging, multi-purchasing points or daily purchasing
  • Time spent understanding your energy needs
  • Long term energy strategy
  • Contract set up for you – no need for you to speak to suppliers
  • On hand to support you through the life of your contract
  • No obligation quotes

Utility buying expertise for your organisation

Brokers can search the market but they may not have in depth knowledge and understanding of your supply and demand.

As a Client of Ginger Energy, you will have benefited from an audit of historic consumption, so we’ll understand precisely the requirements of your business. We use this knowledge to identify the tariffs that best match the demand of your business and which deliver the best value.

Why choose Ginger

Energy for procurement?

It’s all about the after sales service…

  • We’ll deal with bill queries
  • We’ll manage your account if you move premise
  • We’ll arrange any necessary meter changes
  • We’ll handle any invoice disputes with your supplier for you
  • We’ll look after you if you want to upgrade your supply
  • We’ll sort any new connections
  • We’ll handle changes to your property portfolio
  • We’ll tackle your payment query
  • We’ll provide you updates on market trends
  • We’ll alert you when your contract needs to be reviewed

all at no additional cost