Government review on greenwashing

Greenwashing Review

There are concerns that energy retailers (supply companies) are marketing “green” tariffs which may be over-exaggerating their green credentials. As such the Government have today launched a review.

Ministers are to consider if there is enough clarity on bills so that consumers can easily understand where their energy is sourced. A recent poll showed that 75% of consumers believe tariffs should be more transparent.

The government believes that energy companies are overstating how environmentally friendly their green tariffs are. There are 9 million UK households on green tariffs and 50% of these claim to have come from 100% renewable or green sources, such a wind or solar.

Net Zero Future

As many of us look to working towards a #netzero future, the first and easiest thing we can do is switch to a green tariff through our energy supplier. However, amid concerns over transparency, the Government want to ensure consumers signing up to a green tariff know their energy is indeed coming from green sources of electricity generation.

The review will explore the extent of ‘greenwashing’ in the retail industry, and whether the current system is suitably transparent and whether the rules around what can be called a ‘green’ tariff remain fit for purpose.

For more information: Government to tighten rules to stop ‘greenwashing’ of electricity tariffs – GOV.UK (