Ginger team up with Caladen Consulting to provide HNES application support to clients

With the sharp rises in energy, we looked to alternative ways to reduce tariffs. Encouraging residents to use less, is all part of the mix but the reality is that the biggest wins are found by optimising the efficiency of the heat network, in both the energy center and at the HIU often found inside the residents home.

Now heat network owners or operators in England and Wales can apply to Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES). There is £30 million of capital funding and £2 million of revenue funding available.

The scheme will provide funding to support improvements to existing district heating or communal heating projects that are operating sub-optimally. In particular, the scheme aims to help address the poor outcomes for customers and operators where networks operating at lower efficiencies is resulting in increased fuel costs being passed through to residents.

Working with our @TEEAM alliance members @Caladen Consulting, Ginger Energy has arranged for our clients to access grant application support from the experts @Caladen to assist our clients in preparing an application for funding. And the best news? Our friends at Caladen will do this on a no win, no fee basis.

To find out more contact one of our team members.