Water and energy procurement for Academy Trusts

There is an ever-increasing imperative for schools and Academy Trusts to drive maximum value from every supply contract.  Utility services expenditure is a perfect example and where there are great opportunities to not only save cost but also to improve service quality.  Many Academy Trusts and schools believe that they have best value arrangements through framework agreements, but often they are far from good value.

OJEU Process

Our specialist service to academy’s provides a beacon of clarity to navigate what can be a complex market place.  Price is of course always as major consideration but there are many more factors to consider depending on how each trust operates.

From the onset, we engage with our clients and encourage involvement from various stakeholders in the trust.  Procurement, finance and business managers ideally should form a panel with Ginger acting as industry experts to guide them through best practice and work together to decide the specific requirements of the new contracts.

Once the key contract objectives have been identified a full OJEU or partial tender will be initiated; once the results are in, a blind testing will be completed independently by two of our team, to identify the best fit on a score basis and the results will indicate which supplier is selected by the panel.

Once the successful suppliers have been appointed, that’s when the real work starts! Ginger Energy will provide ongoing support to ensure the contracts transfer and any objections are handled.  Once the schools are on supply with their new contracts,  Ginger provide ongoing support which will include invoice validation, dispute and complaint management and generally being the one stop support function for all matters relating to gas, electricity or water.

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