Facilities management companies

As facilities managers we know you are covering a large remit of responsibilities alongside utilities. We also recognise that a significant proportion of operating costs can be spent on energy and water and that managing these costs is an important part of effective facilities management.

In order to reduce the costs, you need to have the best information to enable you to make informed decisions about where to make changes.


Why facilities managers should work with Ginger Energy

  • Understand the energy you use

  • Evaluate where you need to use energy

  • Implement energy solutions

  • Reduce costs


That’s where we come in. Our audit and analysis will gives provide you with consolidated energy data, giving you an overview of energy use and, where you need it, more detail. In turn this means you can ensure that appropriate energy solutions are put into place to reduce spend on energy, time spent on energy matters and reduce your companies carbon footprint by increasing energy efficiency.


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