I think not! Read Schedule 6.

Chris Felgate, Ginger Director –

I got asked by a friend, why do I put some my learnings on LinkedIn as my competitors can use them? The answer is simple – I hope they do (see below for todays), just like I use theirs. Don’t get me wrong I am far from the oracle, and I am hardly disclosing who shot Kennedy (I do have a theory though), but if a post of mine helps someone out then I am glad.

So todays learning…we have a client who on a commercial property in 2014 and they didn’t know they had a gas meter (it is very very well hidden!) and had no need for gas. The supplier has just dropped an £8k bill on the client for standing charges under a Deemed contract. As the site had consumed no gas (as confirmed by reads) we highlighted to the supplier that Schedule 6 of the Utility Act requires consumption to occur in order for a deemed contract to be in place. In the absence of consumption there is no liability to the supplier from the owner/occupier. The supplier initially disagreed but within 24 hours their legal team have confirmed this is correct and all bills have been cancelled. That’s £8k plus future costs saved (we do not charge our clients extra for this). If you find yourself in the same situation point the supplier to Schedule 6.