Energy bills still baffling?

Energy bills still baffling?

It may come as a surprise that despite the Ofgem reforms set out two years ago, energy suppliers are still falling short in the art of producing clear and transparent bills for their customers compared to their water industry counterparts, phone companies, credit card lenders and councils.  60% of domestic and business consumers continue to be baffled by their energy bill according to a recent survey by  More worryingly, almost half of consumers are yet to notice a difference to their bills since the reforms.  This raises significant questions for suppliers as to how they can provide a fail-safe way of presenting clear information to their business customers to avoid misunderstandings and minimise the risk of consumers missing facts. So, what is it businesses need to be focusing their energy on when trying to decipher the bill?

Here is our simplified solution:

  1. Let Ginger Energy take the strain – we’ll check your tariff name, meter type and when your contract ends. Ginger Energy will find the energy tariff to meet your needs and handle any switchover for you.
  2. Ginger Energy can validate your bills – checking your standing charge and unit rate as well as making sure you are on the appropriate rate of VAT rte. Contact us to find out about our bill validation service.

Energy bills still confusing