Disputes and Complaints

If you’re in communication with your Supplier and have yet to reach resolution, perhaps you have reached deadlock with Supplier for non payment of your account but believe you have a genuine query, before instructing solicitors or paying the Supplier to make the situation go away, use our team to take up the dispute or complaint on your behalf. Initially we’ll review your query and make our own investigations.

If we think you’re incorrect, then we’ll advise you. If we agree that you have a genuine issue that has resulted in an overcharge or you being out of pocket then we’ll assume communication on your behalf.

Our team consist of industry technicians and skilled mediators who specialise in energy billing and recovery. Someone in our team always knows the answer to any dispute and generally knows the right contact at your Supplier to talk with to get the issue rectified.
If you are already engaged with Ginger Energy for any other service, dispute and complaint management will be already included in your contract.
Charges for this service as a standalone product are typically based on a competitive hourly rate or a fixed fee depending on the dispute.

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