Energy Efficiency to drive cost savings

At Ginger Energy we know that businesses of all sizes can find it challenging to understand energy usage and control energy consumption. Being smarter about how energy is used can reduce consumption, lower costs and improve energy efficiency.

Our energy efficiency projects are tailored to your business and our role is to help you understand your energy use and make practical changes to reduce the amount of energy you use.

Our team use Energy Solution software which focusses on using data to turn your energy costs into an energy asset.

We’re experienced in turning the insight gathered into practical recommendations that businesses can implement then help clients make changes,  so small improvements make a big difference.

Our software and services allows us to use your data to deliver on everything from compliance to CAPEX.

We will:

  • Monitor (usage)

  • Analyse (usage)

  • Understand (usage)

  • Reduce (usage)

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