Energy Management and metering

At Ginger Energy, we can provide a range of energy management and metering solutions to give businesses the tools they need to understand and manage their energy usage and carbon consumption. Aimed at multi site organisations or those high users who need closer management of their energy spend, such as property or block managers academy trusts, retail chains and manufacturers.

We’re able to design, install, maintain and monitor advanced metering systems. From new meter installations and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) to gas and electricity networks and complex downstream projects.

We also help our customers when they require upgrades or changes to their existing metering infrastructure. There are a wide variety of options from hundreds of suppliers.  Understanding your portfolio’s requirements is key to matching the best fit for purpose provider. Its very easy to spend unnecessarily on products and services which are never going to be used. We use our knowledge and relationships with the industry to ensure both best fit and best value for our clients.

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